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Heard of Norrona clothing? Here we explain why you will love the

Jørgen Jørgensen began his mission to produce tough outdoor equipment way back in 1929. Back in these early days, attention was focused on backpacks, tents and leather articles with sleeping bags and outdoor clothing coming next. Within the last 80 years, Norrona as a company have been leaders in outdoor innovations and the manufacture of the first tunnel tent with both front and rear openings being just one of Norronas claims. Being the first European company to prototype the Gore-Tex jacket is another.

To continue and build on the early research carried out by Jørgen, Norrona clothing has been involved in many expeditions over the years, including expeditions to the three corners of the world, Mount Everest, The North Pole and South Pole. Much research and testing is placed on every single product ensuring each can stand up to the most extreme of tests in their chosen area.

Perhaps this is the reason Norrona has become such a successful supplier of winter clothing and equipment. Allowing the company to concentrate on a small number of concepts at any one time provides adequate time and resources to ensure full research and testing on each and every product. For example, the Lofoten range is geared towards skiing verticals and can handle extreme weather conditions whilst the Røldal range blends serious mountain protection with a casual urban look.

Norrona is of course extremely proud of their heritage and continue in their mission to produce high quality products. Focusing much needed time and resources in development and ensuring their involvement with many extreme worldwide expeditions and activities is key to the growth and long term strategy of the company. With the brand relying on word of mouth recommendations rather than advertising, it’s no wonder Norrona has grown steadily over the years to become a recognised and trusted brand in the outdoor world.

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