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To be able to enjoy nature tomorrow, we have to take responsibility in what we are doing today. At Haglöfs, we have great awareness about our impact on both nature and people. By joining bluesign® and Fair Wear Foundation we have taken two important steps towards a more sustainable business.

Our overall sustainability policy is simple: we minimize our negative environmental impact by developing long-lasting products, by using socially responsible manufacturers and by continously increasing the proportion of recycled and bluesign® approved materials in our products.

For us, being a truly responsible brand means integrating sustainability into everything we do. We don’t have a specific eco collection, instead we keep raising the bar throughout all our product segments and throughout the company. It’s important for us to work together with retailers and consumers to raise awareness and set high demands for sustainable products. We are constantly looking for improvement. We have excluded the use of anti bacterial treatments in our products, and we are part of a research group that aim to develop PFC-free DWRs with the same performance as PFCs.

Our sustainability work is a constant work in progress, but our central premise has always been constant; we make products that last, without any unnecessary environmental impact. To us, sustainability is essential and it is our sincere hope that you think like us – then the difference will be so much more noticeable.

If you want to read more about what we do, take a look at our  sustainability report.